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A Website for Whom ?

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The website SHO is not only for academic scholars (historians, social scientists, anthropologists, philosophers, natural scientists and so on) but it is also for a wider audience (journalists, science-concerned citizens, lay people, etc.). It seeks to become an interdisciplinary place which is not conceived as neutral but as a witness of the reconfiguration of the knowledge map during the last decades : the making of new research fields and new research tools, the shift of disciplinary boundaries, the vanishing of some research traditions, the setting of new modes to control and orientate sciences, the coming of wide research and development programs devoted to technosciences (materials science and engineering, nanotechnology, genomics, synthetic biology), the reconfiguration between lay and expert knowledge, between codified and tacit knowledge, between sciences and industries, between disciplines and objects and so on. Instead of interpreting these reconfigurations, the SHO website collects the testimonies of the actors of research. Place of memory for sciences, it also provides the opportunity of an exchange between the humanities, as well as social and natural sciences. Last but not least, it forms a space for reflection, in particular at a bibliographic level on the problematic statute of oral archives.


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