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History or Memory ?

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Although it is dedicated to history of science, the SHO website does not give in itself an historical reading of recent sciences with all the professional rules of historians : theoretical and methodological choices, periodization, selection of a relevant scale of analysis, and so on. The site aims rather to build up an oral corpus, to gather a scientific memory and to keep a certain cultural patrimony. The only pieces of historical analysis arise through the explanatory notices of key-words, which for example give a biography of each person or the history of an instrument. Indeed, even if the annotation system first seeks to facilitate the readiness and to value the oral corpus, it has demanded a preparatory work of location, reconstruction and formulation and thus holds some preconceptions. However, the oral corpus at the very heart of the SHO website deals much more with memory than with history. Yet, memory is neither history nor a mere recording of what happened ; rather than a “raw material,” it is a basis on which history can be built.


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